Homeschooling Resources for Entrepreneurial & Financial Savvy Homeschoolers

Freedom - Stirling, ScotlandFor many homeschooling families the idea of running a home business is an appealing idea to give them the necessary income and flexibility of time. There are many other advantages as well:

  • Increased income
  • Children see by example important factors in running a business
  • Real life hands-on experiences when children are encouraged to get involved with the business
  • Opportunity to give your children the financial education that isn't taught in public schools
  • Helps develop financial independence instead of a dependence on a “boss” or job
  • Freedom to travel taking your business with you, schooling on location, and capitalizing on the learning opportunities of the area

  • Having a home business certainly has provided the flexibility and income that our family needed to home educate our children. It is not always easy balancing a business while home educating, but the rewards and time freedom are definitely worth it.

    So whether you...

  • Already have a home business and are looking for time-saving strategies to balance educating your children, family life, and building your business
  • Are exploring the possibilities of launching a new business from home while homeschooling
  • Simply want to encourage entrepreneurship in your children and provide them with a solid financial education...
  • You have come to the right place!

    Advantage of Homeschooling
    The Advantage of Homeschooling and opportunites for developing an entrrepreneurial spirit
    Homeschooling Curriculum - What to Teach?
    What Homeschool Curriculum or Learning Materials to Use?When choosing a homeschooling curriculum or designing your own, you really need to decide on your goals for your children first.
    Affordable Homeschooling
    Affordable Homeschooling - ideas and resources to save you money while simplifying your homeschool
    Free Homeschooling
    Inexpensive and Free Homeschooling ideas and resources. Free Homeschooling, or close to free, is possible.
    Art FUNdamentals
    Art FUNdamentals is a multi-age, self-directed art lesson book for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to learn how to draw or create better
    Kids and Money
    Kids and Money - how to teach financial literacy
    Strategies to Save Money
    Learning strategies to save money is extremely important. for everyone these days, but vitally important for homeschoolers and those starting a new business.
    Save Money and the Environment
    Save Green the Smart Way - Save Money AND the Environment
    Debt Reduction Strategies
    Having a debt reduction strategy to get rid of your debt as quickly as possible is the most important thing you can do in creating financial stability and freedom - for homeschoolers or anyone
    Home Business Ideas
    Whether you already have a home business or you want ideas for starting a home based business, you'll find home business ideas to help homeschoolers and others.
    Internet Marketing Strategies
    Internet Marketing strategies for homeschooling entrepreneurs, and other people who want to save time while building a home business
    Writing Thank You Notes and Relationship Marketing
    Writing thank you notes, that arrives in the mailbox gets more attention than ever in our age of electronic communication. Send out cards that are personized and in your own handwriting easily!
    Six Successful Women Share Their Best Internet Marketing Tips
    Attraction Marketers: Six Successful Women Share Their Best Internet Marketing Tips and Warn Against Common Marketing Blunders
    The Works Team
    The Works Team: cutting-edge online business training & marketing strategies for entrepreneurs who want to succeed
    The Homeschooling Freedom Blog
    Resource for homeschooling and entrepreneurship: time-saving curriculum, money-saving strategies, ideas on starting and/or marketing a home business more effectively while homeschooling, and more!
    The Homeschooling Freedom Newsletter
    The Homeschooling Freedom Newsletter provides news, tips and resources for financial savvy homeschooling entrepreneurs!
    Contact Wendy Mills (Malowany)
    Contact Wendy Mills for questions about homeschooling and running a home business